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Bit by bit, we are being encouraged to switch from double to triple glazing. You may not have noticed yet but the pressure is on to improve the energy performance of windows and we are now reaching the stage where mere double glazing will no longer be enough.

Triple glazing benefits and reasons to invest:

  • Maximum security and added durability
  • Block out noise from the outside world
  • Ultimate insulation
  • Lower household bills
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Maximum comfort

Triple glazing allows a high level of solar heat gain, capturing warmth from natural daylight and drawing it into your home, combined with exceptional thermal insulation properties to keep the heat in. The outcome is a window that may well achieve and exceed the maximum “A+” window energy rating and provide an even lower U-value* for even more savings on your energy bills.

The enhanced thermal efficiency of triple glazed windows ensures that cold spots are eliminated. Triple glazed windows can also be optimised to deliver excellent thermal acoustic performance – minimising noise levels from outside.