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SGG Planitherms 4

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SGG PLANITHERM 4S is a glass with a special layer providing both high thermal insula­tion and solar control. Now, you can enjoy the perfect temperature and the ideal light in any season. Winter-summer comfort function maintains a pleasant atmosphere throug­hout the year and reflexivity adds an elegant touch to the space. Thermopanes made of Planitherm 45 provide a thermal insulation 3 times higher than ordinary glass would offer.


Advantages of SGG Planitherm 4S

  • Lower energy costs – Reducing heating costs (50%) and the home cooling costs (40%) due to an optimal insulation.
  • Higher comfort in the room – Spreading even heat, without cold areas near the windows. Reducing the risk of condensation on the interior glass.
  • High light transmittance (71 %)
  • Architectural freedom – Neutral colours both in transmittance and reflection of light. Slightly bright appearance for better aesthetics.
  • Environmental protection – Reducing CO2 emissions