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A quality hardware ensures optimum performance and safety of the joinery, being a com­pulsory element in the joinery production. Our joinery is equipped with Winkhaus or Maco hardware. We offer our clients a wide range of products, characterized by quality and design.

Hardware Advantages

  • High reliability
  • Perfect tightness
  • Manufacturers warranty for an average of 15,000 open/ close cycles
  • Multipoint locking elements
  • Anti-burglar systems: Wk I orWk2

Our standard joinery is equipped with the Winkhaus Active Pilot system. It has a mis-hand­ling component that prevents the handling errors when opening the window in the normal or tilt position. It is also equipped with a SECUSTIK secured handle against external opening attempts, and with a controlled ventilation system.

Optionally, you can choose the Maco Multi Matic system, which will provide optimum and precise performance of the joinery. The standard hardware offers the following advantages: a practical system for 13 mm micro-ventilation and the mis­handling device.

The hinges are made of extruded aluminium and can be adjusted in three dimensions, multipoint locking and anti-burglar option.

Feature Overview

The below diagram and feature overview demonstrates how our innovative products are truly designed with the end user in mind.


The modular locking concept allows the personalization of the security level. Secu­rity levels are easily adapted and with the WK2 system, a full level can be reached.

It features a new locking system based on an innovative octagonal roller lock. It can be easily adjusted. Movement tolerances of the rebate are automatically absorbed by the blocking points.

RAL durability tests confirm the quality of Winkhaus hardware and guarantee the purchase of a product with a long life.

The multiple ventilation provides multiple different positions of the sash, and thus a rapid and easy ventilation. It continuously allows fresh air in, without a significant loss of energy.

Due to the pleasant design, the windows are positively remarked to most windows on the market. Enhance your windows with the Winkhaus Active Pilot system.

The Active Pilot modular system can be easily completed with additional functions. Use these flexible additional facilities to enhance your comfort.